Articles written by Dominic van den Boogerd:

features  10.08.12  Dominic van den Boogerd

With major exhibitions in Madrid and Eindhoven, the highly self-reflective oeuvre of René Daniëls is once again attracting attention. The Eindhoven exhibition offers an opportunity for a review of Daniëls’ late work, which he produced early in his life, due to afterward suffered a stroke. (The full text is published in Metropolis M no. 2 - 2012)

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Deimantas Narkevičius (1964, Utena, Lithuania), last year’s winner of The Vincent Award and one of the most important artists from Eastern Europe, makes idiosyncratic comments upon the drastic changes that have overcome his country and region since the fall of the Wall. On the occasion of a big solo exhibition in the Van Abbe Museum, a talk with the man who is trained as a sculptor, but is primarily known for his video work.

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Felix Gmelin has been reworking the experiences of his youth into art. In a critical, yet personal investigation, he subtly unravels the complicated interweaving of self-development, socialization and emancipation with which he grew up in the late 1960s and 1970s. The character of his work is as political as it is therapeutic.

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Aernout Mik (b. Groningen, 1962) is returning to Venice to represent the Netherlands for the second time at the world's most important biennial for the visual arts. He is showing three new video works at the Gerrit Rietveld Pavilion, which he is using shipping containers to remodel into something reminiscent of disintegrating detention centre.