reviews  23.05.16  Sergey Guskov

In the exhibition FB Calling Vladimir Dubossarsky presents paintings based on found footage from his friends' Facebook accounts.

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features  14.05.16  Agnieszka Gratza

More and more artists are philantropist. What moves them to do so?

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reviews  07.05.16  Weronika Trojanska

How to live in a society where every aspect of life is quantified

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features  03.05.16  Maaike Lauwaert

Curator Anthony Huberman moved from New York to San Francisco, from The Artist Institute to The Wattis Institute. He brought along his personal way of curating and "instituting".

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features  28.04.16  Eelco van der Lingen

Eelco van der Lingen talks with Oscar Santillan on his new solo show Zaratán at Witte de With, salt, imaginary islands and a giant turtle mistaken for an island. Opening tonight.

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reviews  25.04.16  Marianna La Rosa Maruyama

Twenty-five years after his death, the work of prolific writer and new media theorist Vilém Flusser is enjoying a heightened interest in the Netherlands, particularly within the arts. What are the qualities of Flusser’s thinking that have attracted this attention? If Flusser is more relevant now than ever, why?

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reviews  22.04.16  Angela Jerardi

Angela Jerardi is kept busy during two art-filled days in Brussels

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features  05.04.16  Sergey Guskov

The Moscow-based artist Alexandra Galkina is a prime example of the struggle within the Russian art scene between the quasi-Modernist visual games of Form that are supported by the newly established private foundations and museums and the heirs of the Actionism movement that deals with realities rather than form.

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features  04.04.16  Maaike Lauwaert

An interview on starting a new alternative space, the Paris art scene and Dutch influences, working with commercial partners and being porous and generous.

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News & links from Metropolis M & co.

Tonight Nina Beier gives a presentation in the context of the ‘The Sandberg series’ at Theater de Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam. DR - 17.05.16

Inside the new Smithsonian: a vivid exploration of African American history. Much-anticipated museum, due to open in September, is a stunning tour of black history and culture that guides visitors from Africa to the White House. DR - 14.05.16

Turner prize 2016 shortlist features buttocks sculpture and choo-choo train. Anthea Hamilton, Michael Dean, Helen Marten and Josephine Pryde earn place on shortlist. DR - 13.05.16

New Monumenta commission in Paris. The French-Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping describes his vast Monumenta installation, Empires, in Paris as being “an occupation” of the Grand Palais and a “metaphor” for the rise and fall of political power. DR - 12.05.16

The 'new' global Tate Modern, including more women in the collection presentation and artists from 57 countries + the way it is received: column by Giles Waterfield. DR - 12.05.16

Soylent, a Donkey, and Even Some Good Art: A Frieze New York Diary ( & Frieze New York, a Visual Circus Under the Big Top ( DR - 06.05.16

Richard Tuttle on Why He Finds Solace in the Spirituality of Art—Not Religion. An Interview in relation to his New York shows. DR - 03.05.16

Anger over 'martyrs' exhibition for Brussels and Paris bombers. Exhibit in Denmarkwill include works on Ibrahim and Khalid El-Bakraoui, Brussels suicide bombers, and Foued Mohamed-Aggad, one of the Bataclan attackers DR - 03.05.16

Nice! From a Scottish country estate to a psychiatric hospital, the Museum of the Year shortlist is announced this week. Tracy Chevalier, Grayson Perry, Norman Foster, Antony Gormley and John Akomfrah champion their favourites DR - 02.05.16

Richard Tuttle quoted in relation to his current New York shows: 'Asked to explain his development, he refers to his childhood. “When I was ten years old, I think, I noticed that people's handwriting changes from when you’re a kid to when you’re a teenager,” he says. “So I decided every birthday I would write down my name in a book, with the idea that time would reveal something. At age 15 or 16 I stopped, and I had this recording of my signature.”' DR - 02.05.16

What does a female artist have to do to get a major solo show? Statistics show that less than a third of the biggest exhibitions in the US go to women. DR - 02.05.16

Top Museum Shows to see during Frieze New York. DR - 02.05.16

What drew William and Kate to the Negro Page painting? The royal art collection has 7,500 works. Were there no other pieces to hang in the couple’s home for the visit of Barack Obama? DR - 29.04.16

Freedom of Speech 2.0 THE SECRET RULES OF THE INTERNET. The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech DR - 21.04.16

On April 13, the Guggenheim Board of Trustees informed the Gulf Labor Coalition (GLC) that it will no longer negotiate with the group regarding the living and working conditions of the workers who are and will be building its museum in Abu Dhabi. Today, Richard Armstrong, director of the Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, sent an email [at the bottom of this post] to numerous artists, critics, curators, and museum directors around the world describing GLC as a group that “continues to shift its demands” and uses “deliberate falsehoods.” DR - 18.04.16

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Ape Culture

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Reading Robert Ashley
Yes, But is it Edible is a unique book, presenting the scores of two operas of the American composer Robert Ashley.

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All Work and No Play?
Where is play in art? Fucking Good Art talks about it with Tijs Goldschmidt, Evelyne Reeves, Joris Luyendijk and Zoë Gray.

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Out now: Experimental Aesthetics
For over a decade now, the debate on art has been dominated by the rhetoric of artistic research. However, does the concept of artistic research still express its originally radical and experimental power today? Contributions by Andre Alves, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Clodagh Emoe, Boris Groys, Irene Kopelman, Hongjohn Lin, Chus Martínez, John Rajchman, Henk Slager, Timotheus Vermeulen, and Mick Wilson.

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