2011 No 4
August / September

At the eleventh hour, when this issue was already in the hands of our graphic designers, we decided to put together a 'protest' segment for the magazine. We asked twenty representatives of the Dutch and the international art world for their responses to the sweeping budget cuts for the arts passed by this Cabinet. In texts and images, their reactions express great concern for the future of art, as the politicians increasingly consign it to the marketplace, and for the future of the Netherlands as a whole, now that, as Dieter Roelstraete observes, 'The country is in the process of liquidating itself.'

In the next few years, the Dutch art world will be fundamentally altered. Art institutes, especially those supporting young, contemporary art, will disappear. This magazine also faces uncertainty, with our subsidy discontinued and not knowing which of our advertisers can survive the clear-cutting. With our own income, we do not doubt that Metropolis M will continue to exist, but we cannot foresee in what form or with what kind of organization.

Halbe Zijlstra, State Secretary for Culture, said it himself: this is not an economic decision, but a political one. Objections to the policies of the current government are aimed against an ideology that drastically affects not only the arts, but other fragile sectors, including nature, education and health care. For this reason, objections being voiced by the art world are also about the future of the entire country. Metropolis M will give considerable attention to this in coming issues. At the same time, we remain focussed on the non-established, unrhymed, undetermined, incomprehensible and often unloved art that captures our heart. In this issue, we present the exceptional talents of the various master's programmes in art and a lengthy interview with one of the Netherlands’ most promising young artists: Falke Pisano.

Domeniek Ruyters

Cover: Willem de Rooij, Bouquet VI, 2010, 100 black and 100 white tulips, coloured vase on a base, 180 x 60 x 60, courtesy the artist and gallery Chantal Crousel, Paris

23/09/11  Domeniek Ruyters

In the current issue of Metropolis M we have put together a 'protest' segment, asking twenty representatives of the Dutch and international art world to give their response to the budget cuts for the arts passed by the Dutch government. This is the response of Domeniek Ruyters.

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02/09/11  Dorothée Dupuis

The exhibition is a temporal ellipse, mirroring the plot of the book, in which an art critic comes back from the future to try to change art history. (this review has been published in Metropolis M No 4-2011)

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