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On (the point of) interviews, Roman fresco paintings, the book as an exhibition, zero gravity and outer space. Vivian Sky Rehberg in conversation with Melvin Moti in the first publication of Metropolis M Books.

Metropolis M has always given interviews an important place in its bimonthly magazine. Even in years when interviews were poorly regarded in art criticism, we felt it as an important responsibility to allow artists to speak for themselves. Several classic interviews have been published by Metropolis M, sometimes in issues comprised solely of interviews. The magazine has more recently experimented with in-depth interviews, including, for example, a conversation in 2008 with the renowned American art critic, Rosalind Krauss.

That particular interview was to become a source of inspiration for a new interview with the Dutch artist, Melvin Moti, which we are pleased to publish in this special form. Moti is at this moment one of the most respected artists in the Netherlands, and is exhibiting around the globe. In a conversation with the Paris-based, American art historian, Vivian Sky Rehberg, he sheds light on the issues that interest him, in substantial, sometimes humorous ways, using a number of important works in his oeuvre as examples.

This unusual conversation is not being published in the magazine, but in a separate publication. For some time now, we have been toying with the idea of using the rapid dynamic of the bimonthly magazine and the even more rapidly changing website to occasionally be able to dig more deeply. We would like to give depth a chance in a way that is appropriate to the international orientation of Metropolis M.

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