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Steve McQueen fotografeert alle schoolkinderen van Londen om de toekomst van de stad in beeld te brengen in bij elkaar meer dan drieduizend klassefoto’s. Vanaf volgende week te zien in Tate Britain.

The Guardian sprak met de kunstenaar tijdens de inrichting van de tentoonstelling.

There is a transfixing power to these pictures when laid out together. You are struck by the sheer size of the capital, its diversity in every manner – the full force of its vast and vital nature. It is hard to see how one could look at these kids, standing in rows, wide-eyed and wide-smiled, and come away with a sense of moral panic. But you know it is out there in this moment of parochial anxiety, dislocation and division. In a city with virtually the same number of non-white people as white British people (according to the last census, in 2011, London was home to 45% who described themselves as “white British”, as opposed to 40% who did not describe themselves as white at all), it provides a snapshot not just of the present, but of a future…

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